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VS-REX | Vacation and Second Home Real Estate Expert Designation

Some buyers want to own a vacation property and use it as a family retreat, others want to invest in vacation properties to generate revenue through the rental income. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity and motivation behind purchasing a second or vacation home. The VS-REX designation offers guidelines through which agents can give the best possible value to buyers and investors during their search for a vacation or a second home. In this designation, agents will learn about buyer psychology, finding the right property, helping investors through renting or flipping property, and helping their clients every step of the way in owning a second home.


As a Vacation and Second Home Real Estate Expert, your client base is extensive. You might find yourself representing investors, families, or luxury clientele. Owning a second home is becoming more and more popular, despite what most people might think. More people are becoming interested in a vacation or second home purchase for the sake of vacationing, owning an income property, or even as a retirement home. This course will give you the knowledge you need to represent a client who is buying a vacation or second home in any circumstance.

The information you will be given in this designation will help you to become someone who has accelerated their knowledge of this niche market to an in-depth level, and understands the underlying factors and rewards of owning, buying, flipping and selling a vacation or second home.

As a Vacation and Second Home Expert, you will be able to:

  1. Differentiate yourself as a Specialist in Vacation & Second Homes through your knowledge
  2. Understand when and why your clients should own a second property
  3. Understand how a client can utilize a second property for their retirement.
  4. Strategically seek investment opportunities for your clients
  5. Work with different generations looking for vacation or second homes
  6. Spot out seasonable, full year or partial year rental properties.
  7. Understand the myths behind affording second homes and vacation homes.

Competitive Edge

As a Vacation and Second Home Real Estate Expert, you will have the best strategies and tools to professionally stage your client's home in real estate market. VS-REX designation will help you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your dedication towards providing the best value to clients in real estate industry

Course Layout

To ensure great learning experience, content of VS-REX Course is divided into 4 levels, with 4 lectures in each level. After each lecture, your knowledge is tested through a short quiz. After you have taken all lectures, there will be a final exam. Upon successfully clearing that you will get your Vacation and Second Home Real Estate Expert Designation.

Phase 1

Section 1.1

  1. This designation will equip you with the knowledge and insight you need to become an expert in vacation and second home real estate, and provide you with an thorough inside of the certification.

Section 1.2

  1. Section 1.2 will take you through the psychographics of a traditional buyer. Understanding the mentality of the buyer will put you in the unique position to appreciate and anticipate the needs of your clients.

Section 1.3

  1. This section will continue on from the previous section by discussing how retirement property buyer's differ from investment property buyers. It will also cover how by understanding what the incentive is for the market, you will cultivate a deeper knowledge of what motivates clients to buy a second home.

Section 1.4

  1. This section will go over the second home industry professionals who can answer some of your clients questions on buying vacation and second homes.