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  • check Classes Online
  • check Learning Style Self Paced
  • check Effort Involved 12-16 hrs
  • check Price $229
  • check Languages English

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OMREA | Online Marketing Real Estate Assistant Designation

Real Estate agents recognize the potential of online marketing, however, can be overwhelmed in staying consistent with an online strategy, while catering to their clients offline. Investing in your real estate assistant to learn the skills required to take advantage and produce an ROI for online efforts, is crucial for your business strategy. The Online Marketing Real Estate Assistant Designation will expand your assistants skills to perform as your personal online marketer. By learning how to effectively leverage the power of digital marketing, your assistance contributions to your business will become invaluable. They will learn the marketing strategies and techniques that will rapidly generate leads and business for you real estate business, leaving you more time to focus on working with your clients.

Phase 1

Section 1.1: Overview

  1. Gaining an introduction to the Online Marketing for Real Estate Assistants Certification
  2. Learning your role and how you contribute to the overall success of your Real Estate Representative or team members
  3. Gaining an overview of the different areas we will cover throughout this certification

Section 1.2: Learning The Strategy

  1. Understanding how technology has changed the way business is done in Real Estate
  2. Gaining a timeline overview of some of the most influential and game changing companies in history
  3. Learning the evolution of the Real Estate industry and how technology has enhanced its services
  4. Answering the question, will technology replace the value of real estate representatives?

Section 1.3: Taking Advantage

  1. Learning the top 10 ways technology can help Real Estate businesses to excel
  2. Understanding how you can combine technology with value as a real estate representative to benefit your clients
  3. Understanding the top 10 ways you can utilize technology to benefit your buyers
  4. Learn how to gain power to create a dominant online presence

Section 1.4: Who’s Online Anyway

  1. Learning as to why you should care about social media for your real estate business
  2. How you can take advantage of the different social media websites available to you to help increase your business
  3. The top 5 ways social media can add value to your business
  4. Understanding the breakdown of different generations and what role they play in social media


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Designation must be registered with the assistant’s email address