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  • check Effort Involved 12-16 hrs
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LH-REX | Luxury Home Real Estate Expert Designation

There is no room for average when it comes to luxury market. Only real estate agents who are knowledgeable, have the right experiences and are confident in their abilities can achieve success. LH-REX designation is designed to help real estate agent understand luxury market, the needs and wants of luxury clientele, and build exceptional value in the services that they provide through providing education, tools and workouts. As Luxury Real Estate Expert, you will be able to work with clients buying or selling luxury property and delight them through providing value exceeding their best expectations.


As a Luxury Home Real Estate Expert, your client base will be made up of CEOs, lawyers, professional athletes and other professionals. These buyers are usually well-versed and business savvy, so you need to be ten steps ahead of them in order to show them the value you can add to them. This means walking the walk, talking the talk, and knowing the facts. This course will give you the knowledge you need to cater to the luxury market and make a lasting impression on your clients and establish yourself as a luxury representative.

Staying up to date with the luxury market trends is important, as well as staying on top of new and upcoming luxury properties in your area. The information you will be given in this designation will provide you with everything you need to know about the luxury market, growing your luxury business, and representing luxury clients.

As Luxury Home Real Estate Expert, you will be able to:

  1. Define luxury homes in your area using simple calculations
  2. Appraise true value of a luxury home
  3. Work and communicate effectively with luxury clientele
  4. Create an impactful marketing strategy to sell luxury homes
  5. Find the best homes which match the lifestyle of luxury home buyers
  6. Offer both buyers and sellers extra value as an expert

Competitive Edge

As a Luxury Home Real Estate Expert, you will have the best strategies and tools to professionally stage your client's home in real estate market. LH-REX designation will help you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your dedication towards providing the best value to clients in real estate industry.

Course Layout

To ensure great learning experience, content of LH-REX Course is divided into 4 levels, with 4 lectures in each level. After each lecture, your knowledge is tested through a short quiz. After you have taken all lectures, there will be a final exam. Upon successfully clearing that you will get your Luxury Home Real Estate Expert Designation.

Phase 1

Section 1.1: Overview of LH-REX

  1. This section provides a detailed overview of the learning outcomes for this designation. It also defines what the definition of a luxury property is, and how this can be applied in any market.

Section 1.2: Analyzing the Profile of a Luxury Expert

  1. An expert begins with a mindset and when working with in the luxury market, your mindset about your knowledge, your appearance and your communication skill will become the key components to your success in the luxury real estate market.

Section 1.3: Putting the Luxury Pieces Together

  1. Luxury is not only about the home; there are other factors that make up a luxury property, which includes the features and upgrades of both the interior and exterior of the home and the location.

Section 1.4: Psychographics

  1. In order for you to be able to get the right message to the right audience about your services, you must understand the market research behind it. Luxury clients come from different backgrounds, such as new money vs. old money, work in a variety of different industries and possess different personalities.