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Growth Through Specialization

Real estate knowledge, skills and strategies. GREL real estate trainings gives you these three core components that you need to stand out in your market as a specialist, provide better value to your clients and make more money. Depending on which licence you choose, you will get in-depth real estate training relevant to your real estate goals, which will help you grow both as an individual and a professional.

DesignationHub Growth Secialization
Real Estate Training Redefined

Real Estate Trainings Redefined

Designed by leading real estate industry experts, these trainings will transform you into a real estate expert who understands the market, knows how to attract more business and demonstrate true value to their clients. Through your licence, you and your team will get unlimited access to real estate trainings from our online learning platform which you can go through at your own pace.

Competition Through Gamification

Our online learning platform encourages you to achieve your goals through an innovative point and achievement system called Gamification. For every training module that you complete or script that you practice, you get awarded certain amount of points and ranked in your country as well as globally. The competition pushes users to continue the platform to its full extent to grow as real estate professionals.

Competition Through Gamification
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