CRSS | Certified Residential Staging Specialist

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  • check Effort Involved 12-16 hrs
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CRSS | Certified Residential Staging Specialist

Strategically staged homes with an enhanced visual appeal receive approximately 350% of return on investment when their home is sold. In this course, you will learn how to position your client’s home, enhance its looks, employ psychology of colors, and sell homes faster as a Certified Residential Staging Specialist.


Successful staging is key to selling a house quickly and for more money as visual perception of a home is crucial in determining its price. Staging refers to utilization of design and conceptualization techniques to improve visual appearance of a property so that the strengths are boldened and weaknesses minimized. Staging is crucial for sellers since prepped houses sell faster and more frequently for higher than asking price. Staging relies on enhancing the appearance of a home to stimulate visual acuity of the potential buyers. Therefore, overlooking the benefits of staging can result in a potential loss for sellers. This course is designed to provide real estate sales professionals with tactics and strategies for increasing visual appeal of homes so they attract better buying offers.

As a Certified Residential Staging Specialist, you would be able to:

  1. Position your client's home to gain a competitive edge over other houses for sale in market
  2. Strategically enhance the visuals of the home
  3. Utilize the psychology of colours to make the home more appealing
  4. Evaluate and implement strategies to yield the highest return on investment for your clients
  5. Employ cost effective methods to add more value to your client's home
  6. Gaining more referrals from your team of professionals
  7. Promote yourself as a specialist to attract more clients
  8. Gain more referrals by selling homes quickly and netting your clients more money

Workouts allow real estate agents to practice their communication skills through more than 100 scripts which can help you in lead generation, networking, buying or selling process, presentations and a lot more. Constant practice will help you internalize what to say at what time to generate more business.

Competitive Edge

As a Certified Residential Staging Specialist, you will have the best strategies and tools to professionally stage your client’s home in the real estate market. CRSS Designation will help you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your dedication towards providing the best value to clients in real estate industry

Course Layout

To ensure great learning experience, content of Certified Residential Staging Specialist Course is divided into 4 levels, with 4 lectures in each level. After each lecture, your knowledge is tested through a short quiz. After you have taken all lectures, there will be a final exam. Upon successfully clearing that you will get your Certified Residential Staging Specialist Designation.

Phase 1

Section 1.1

  1. Understanding your role of as a Certified Residential Staging Specialist, and the learning objectives of the designation to help you excel in your real estate business.

Section 1.2

  1. Section 1.2 analyzes the benefits of residential staging. You will learn to identify items that are quick for you to help buyers visualize the home’s potential.

Section 1.3

  1. A good stager should be able to assess and develop a strategy for staging. You will learn to use what you've been given, and make it work. Depending on the State and City you will work with a variety of styles of houses.

Section 1.4

  1. Staging a home can help residents to gain a greater appreciation for their home. Redesigning relies on maximizing the furnishings with what the client already owns and helping them utilize it creatively to its fullest potential.’s

Course Pre-Requisite

Must be a Licensed Real Estate Representative