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  • check Effort Involved 12-16 hrs
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CREMA | Certified Real Estate Marketing Assistant Designation

Generally, in the real estate business, agents who don’t have assistants will spend about 85% of their time on marketing strategies and marketing for lead generation. An agent’s main focus is to buy and sell homes, however, marketing is an important aspect to the success of any real estate business. The ability your assistant has in their marketing skills is crucial to providing support to your real estate business. The Certified Real Estate Marketing for Assistants Certification provides the solution for assistants to gain a thorough understanding of the real estate business, the marketing needs of an agent and how to implement these strategies to continue generating more business.

Marketing plays a large part in the success of any real estate agent’s business. Your role as an assistant enhances the opportunities and attracts more business tremendously. The Certified Real Estate Marketing Assistant Certification provides you with the in-depth knowledge, strategies and techniques required to take on a leadership role and drive your real estate agent’s business forward.

By gaining the right skill set and expertise in marketing, you will be able to better assist your clients and enhance your level of value for yourself and your team. After the completion of the Certified Real Estate Marketing Assistant certification, you will be able to leverage the knowledge you have gained to enhance your career as a real estate marketing assistant.

As a Certified Real Estate Marketing Assistant, you will be able to:

  • -Understanding your role as a real estate marketing assistant
  • -Learn how to increase your value to your real estate team
  • -Understand why marketing is important in real estate
  • -Forecast and implement budgeting strategies for marketing campaigns
  • -Track efforts and results for marketing to maximize your ROI
  • -Understand the importance of brand awareness and recognition to attract more clients
  • -How marketing is used to generate more leads

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Phase 1

Section 1.1: Overview

  1. Why should real estate professionals use marketing?
  2. The difference between a Marketing Manager and Marketing Management
  3. The Marketing Management cycle: PIMC
  4. Certification overview of the upcoming sections

Section 1.2: Brand Marketing

  1. Multi-channel marketing strategies
  2. Creating a marketing plan for your campaign
  3. Creating a budget for your marketing campaign
  4. Creating a brand for your real estate representative

Section 1.3: The Marketing Methods

  1. Marketing strategies for lead generation
  2. Easy marketing tools for everyday use
  3. Digital and social media marketing strategies

Section 1.4: Marketing for Listings

  1. How to market your representative’s listings
  2. How to use the MLS to update the representative’s listings
  3. What is Geographical farming?
  4. How to use Geographical farming for listings

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