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  • check Classes Online
  • check Learning Style Self Paced
  • check Effort Involved 12-16 hrs
  • check Price $229
  • check Languages English

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CAREA | Certified Advanced Real Estate Assistant Designation

For real estate agents, everyday is a busy day. Networking, open houses, following up with clients, listing a client's property, completing paperwork, negotiating deals, and on and on. It’s a never ending list. Agents can’t do everything on their own. They need an assistant who can take care of some of these tasks in a professional way so they can focus on things that matter, like prospecting and marketing. The CAREA designation is designed to help real estate assistants organize projects, manage time schedules, set goals and hold the team accountable, so their agents can make more money. This designation will transform you from the role of an assistant into a leader who matters greatly to the business.

As a real estate assistant, you’re generally responsible for basic day-to-day tasks to keep your representative organized and on-track. By becoming a Certified Advanced Real Estate Assistant, you can take your position to the next level and become your representative’s trusted confidant. In this certification, you will learn how to take on a leadership role in your representative’s business by holding other team members accountable for completing their work loads, and ensuring that your representative’s business is operating at its fullest potential.

By becoming a Certified Advanced Real Estate Assistant, you will learn how to:

  • -Transition from an assistant into a leader
  • -Manage your team’s productivity targets and goals
  • -Maintain budgets and financial initiatives
  • -Maintain accountability within your team
  • -Maximize efficiency and time management strategies
  • -Generate clients, prospects, and leads using different initiatives
  • -Maximize client satisfaction and generate repeat business

Take the opportunity to increase your knowledge as a real estate assistant and become the centre of value for yourself and your representative. Register today and become a Certified Advanced Real Estate Assistant.

Phase 1

Section 1.1: Overview

  1. The role of a Certified Advanced Real Estate Assistant
  2. The job duties of an advanced real estate assistant
  3. What to expect from the upcoming sections in the Designation breakdown

Section 1.2: Becoming A Leader

  1. The role of a successful leader in the real estate business
  2. Building trust with your team members
  3. How to effectively delegate tasks to your team members

Section 1.3: The Role of The Leader

  1. The responsibilities of an office leader
  2. Changing your mindset from an assistant to a leader
  3. Setting goals and helping your team to meet these goals
  4. What is project management?

Section 1.4: Making the Adjustment

  1. Transitioning from the assistant to the leader
  2. Leaving room for an adjustment period
  3. Working with your sales representative to find a balance without overstepping your boundaries

Designation must be registered with the assistant’s email address