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  • check Effort Involved 12-16 hrs
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  • check Languages English

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Real Estate has always been the driving factor behind building wealth. Your real estate certification as an Accredited Income Property Specialists, not only concentrate your focus on perfecting investment strategies, but to advocate this to your clients gain more business from the same clients, helping them build their portfolio by purchasing multiple properties in a shorter period of time. Your specialization provides you the advantage to learn and teach your clients different investment strategies, how to analyze deals and provide step-by-step guidance, in making the right investment decisions. Your database of clients will not only include new clients, but also stretches business opportunities with current and past clients.


It requires a certain level of knowledge and skills to successfully manage income property portfolio of a client. Because of that the selection process of an income property specialist is quite rigorous as clients don't want just any agent, they want to work with a guru in this domain who can guide them and maximize potential of their properties.

In this course, you will be provided with knowledge, strategies and tools which you can use immediately to improve the wealth of your client's lives. You will leave with a detailed plan that will layout where you are, where you want to be, what you need to do to get you and your clients to real estate wealth mastery. Become an Accredited Income Property Specialist and differentiate yourself from just any agent who can manage investment portfolio of a client.

As Accredited Income Property Specialist, you will be able to:

  1. Target and attract qualified investors
  2. Guide new investors using a step by step action plan
  3. Inform investors how to intelligently allocate assets to build wealth
  4. Implement proven strategies for your clients to maximize their ROI
  5. Expand the portfolio of properties for current investors
  6. Gain exposure to a new market of buyers, sellers and business opportunities
  7. Generate more leads and broaden your spectrum of clientele

Competitive Edge

As an Accredited Income Property Specialist, you will have the knowledge, tools and strategies required to masterfully manage your clients’ property investment portfolio while ensuring that they get the best possible ROI for these. AIPS designation will help you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your dedication towards providing the best value to clients in real estate industry.

Course Layout

To ensure great learning experience, content of Accredited Income Property Specialist Course is divided into 4 levels, with 4 lectures in each level. After each lecture, your knowledge is tested through a short quiz. After you have taken all lectures, there will be a final exam. Upon successfully clearing that you will get your Accredited Income Property Specialist Designation.

Phase 1

Section 1.1: Overview of the AIPS Designations

  1. We start off with learning the breakdown of the designations and the learning objectives of your role as an Accredited Income Property Specialiest

Section 1.2: Finding the Diamond in The Rough

  1. It also provides an overview as to how individuals are able to leverage other people’s money and combine it with a clear strategy to profit from an investment property.

Section 1.3: Making a Calculated Decision

  1. Using data, numbers and figures are always a good idea to be able to help you make calculated decisions in order for you to maximize your profits from your income property investment.

Section 1.4: The Right Fit

  1. Different property types will also appeal to different clients looking to rent a property, so it is important for you to know how to classify the right property for the right tenant.