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  • check Learning Style Self Paced
  • check Effort Involved 12-16 hrs
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  • check Languages English

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ACS designation is for agents who have a great opportunity to capture clients interest in the condo market, by focusing on this niche market. Increasing client confidence in finding, selling and negotiating the best conditions and terms allows you to become the expert in your market. Whether capturing the pre-construction condos or resale, expertise is always in demand.


Condominiums may not be suitable for everyone; there is a very specific persona of buyers, investors and sellers who are right for the condo market. The Accredited Condo Specialist Designation provides real estate professional the ability to identify the right opportunities for their clients, by providing in depth knowledge, tools and skills required to conquer the condo market. This course is designed to help real estate sales professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge for this particular market so they can inform, protect and guide their clients to the best decisions leading to optimal value for them. By becoming an Accredited Condo Specialist, you would be able to add value to your services and gain a competitive edge as well.

As an Accredited Condo Specialist, you will be able to:

  1. Thoroughly understand different types of condos
  2. Target specific buyers, sellers and investors to maximize your marketing efforts
  3. Add value to your buyers by providing relevant condo and area knowledge
  4. Spot investment opportunities for both pre-construction and post-construction condo
  5. Add value to your sellers by applying different marketing strategies to sell condo faster and for more price
  6. Understand when it is profitable to renovate a condo and add features for a higher rate of return
  7. How to take your condos market to a different clientele by working with luxury

Course Layout

To ensure great learning experience, content of Accredited Condo Specialist Course is divided into 4 levels, with 4 lectures in each level. After each lecture, your knowledge is tested through a short quiz. After you have taken all lectures, there will be a final exam. Upon successfully clearing that you will get your Accredited Condo Specialist Designation.

Phase 1

Section 1.1

  1. Introduction
  2. Your role as a condo specialist
  3. The value that you add to clients

Section 1.2

  1. Different types of condos - condos, coop townhomes
  2. Renting vs. owning a condo - how to assess what’s right for your clients
  3. Helping your clients understand budgeting and finances

Section 1.3

  1. Resale condos vs. new condos
  2. Pro's and Con’s of both
  3. what to expect from new condo’s and when it would be a good investment - what the process is

Section 1.4

  1. Investing in condo’s
  2. Spotting good investments
  3. Renting out condos
  4. Dealing with tenants
  5. Calculations